It’s a Crunch a Color Healthy Lunch Challenge ~ Korean Steak Roll-ups

by The ROXX Box on May 23, 2013

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A few months ago, Jennifer the creator of the award winning game Crunch a Color, contacted me regarding participating in a healthy lunch challenge. Crunch a Color is all about exposing kids to new foods, and making healthy eating fun.  Players earn points for eating a balanced and colorful plate of veggies, fruits, proteins and grains. Bonus points are also awarded for trying new foods and good manners.  Through this game, your child will be given the tools necessary to learn how to choose nutritious foods for themselves.

Crunch a Color Game

Well a few weeks ago, Jennifer asked if I would be interested in participating in another Crunch a Color healthy lunch challenge, and I agreed.

Last time I made this, and it has definitely been a family staple.  This time, I decided to do a twist on a steak dish I frequently make.  We love asian food, so I knew I wanted to make something asian inspired.

Steak Rollup with Garlic Rice

I marinated the beef in a homemade korean sauce, and stuffed it with organic zucchini, organic asparagus, organic yellow squash, organic carrots, and organic green onions.  For dinner, I decided to serve it is a garlic and sweet peas brown rice.

Korean Steak Roll-ups
The thinly sliced beef, provided just the right amount of protein.

Steak Roll-ups with Garlic Rice

I love packing healthy and colorful lunches, so this meal was perfect.  I decided to pack this lunch in my Planetbox Launch.

Tropical Fruit Medly

Crunch a Color stresses the importance of trying new foods. For my kids, that new food was papayas. They eat a variety of fruits, but papayas were one fruit they never tried. In order to introduce this fruit to my kids, I decided to incorporate it into a tropical fruit salad. My kids are pretty adventurous, so they were willing to try this new fruit. However, they did admit that they were not a fan. I was okay with that. The most important thing was that they were willing to try it.

Crunch a Color Planetbox Launch Bento

Here is the breakdown of our Crunch a Color meal:

Purple – blackberries, blueberries – 5 points each = 10 points

Purple – purple cabbage – 15 points

Red – strawberries – 5 points

Red – papaya – 5 points x 2 (try a new food card not shown) = 10 points

Red – red peppers – 10 points

Green – kiwi – 5 points

Green – peas, zucchini – 10 points each = 20 points

Green – asparagus – 15 points

Orange – mangoes – 5 points

Orange – carrots, squash – 10 points each = 20 points

Protein – lean beef – 10 points

Liquid – water – 5 points

Healthy Grain – Brown rice (card not shown) – 5 points

GRAND TOTAL = 135 points!!!

This meal was a definite winner on so many levels.  You can find full recipes and instructions here.

Thanks Crunch a Color for once again including me in this healthy lunch challenge.




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