St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Round-up ~Bento #149

by The ROXX Box on March 18, 2014

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I have to admit, I had fun yesterday creating green meals.  One was WAY outside of my comfort zone, but turned out to be really good.

For breakfast I made some green oatmeal. Yeah, I got a bit adventurous with my oatmeal and added some spinach.

Shamrock Oatmeal



I know your thinking, she’s nuts. There is NO WAY I’m adding spinach to my oatmeal. But trust me when I say, it’s really good, and the spinach taste is very subtle.

I made a pot of creamy oatmeal. When done, I added blended organic baby spinach, maple syrup (to taste), and 1-2tbsp hemp seeds to my oatmeal. Next I mixed everything together, and garnished with shredded coconut.

And there you have it…Shamrock Oatmeal 😉

Next, I made a really yummy green smoothie as a midday snack.

Green Apples, Greens, & Kiwi Smoothie

After enjoying my green oatmeal, I was in the mood for a green smoothie. In my Vitamix, I added 1 1/2 kiwis (diced), 1 small green apple (diced), 1/2 green pear (diced), 1 large frozen banana (sliced), 1-2 handfuls of greens (I used a mix containing spinach, chard, kale & mizuna), and @1-2 cups coconut water. I blended everything until smooth, and topped with hemp seeds. If too tart, you can always add a natural sweetener (maple syrup, dates).

And then for lunch/dinner, I made a spinach pasta.

Spinach Pasta in Planetbox

This was definitely the perfect “green” lunch in my Planetbox Rover.


I just boiled some store bought spinach pasta in salted water. When done, I tossed in a little olive oil and topped with raw pumpkins seeds.


And for dinner, I tossed the pasta is some homemade alfredo sauce, and topped with raw pumpkin seeds.

And that’s it…This is how I ate myself GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day 😉



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