My Paleo Lunch Box ~ Bento 152

by The ROXX Box on May 20, 2014

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Friends are always asking me, “Rox, what should I pack for a healthy lunch?”  “How do I know if what I am packing is the right portion?”  “What if I am still hungry after?”

Paleo lunch

Many of us eat meals loaded with processed/artificial ingredients. As a result, these meals do not provide our bodies with enough nutrients to sustain us during the day.  Hence why many of us are constantly snacking, and complaining about feeling hungry.  When you consume real, non processed foods for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, you are giving your body what it needs to sustain you throughout the day.

I also believe in portion control. Many of us eat way too much, and don’t know how/when to stop once our bodies are satisfied. Lunch box containers such as Lunchbots, as well as silicone cupcake molds, are great to use when monitoring your portion size.

Paleo Lunch 2

Here is one of my typical paleo lunch boxes. It contains my paleo granola, grilled steak/tomato roll-ups, shredded cabbage salad dressed in olive oil, and mixed fruit.  Everything is fresh, unprocessed, and easy to prepare.  If you are vegetarian, you can substitute the steak for grilled mushrooms.

For those who will complain and say this is not enough food, you can always eat more salad/fresh fruit, until your body is satisfied.


So stop making healthy eating complicated. With a little preparation, and the right tools, you can do it 😉



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