Chicken Fajita Nachos

by The ROXX Box on September 1, 2014

in EasyLunchboxes

I honestly cannot take credit for this idea. I wanted to make chicken fajitas for dinner, but my daughter insisted that we have chicken fajita nachos. She said plan fajitas were boring, and fajitas nachos sounded more fun to eat. So after going back and forth with her regarding why we should have one over the other, I decided to entertain her idea, and make chicken fajita nachos.

I cleaned and placed a package of skinless, boneless Amish chicken thighs into a bowl. I then added some canola oil, Goya Adobo all purpose seasoning, and The Gourmet Collection Adobo Ole’ spice blend to chicken. I would suggest for you to adjust flavors to your liking before massaging into chicken. Cover chicken in bowl, and refrigerate for at least 2hrs or overnight.

Remove chicken from refrigerator, and place on a lightly greased cast iron grill pan. Next place under broiler until chicken is completely cooked.   Pay close attention to chicken to prevent burning.

Chicken Fajita Nachos

Remove from broiler, and allow chicken to cool before dicing up. Once diced, layer corn tortilla chips on a baking sheet, and top with diced fajita chicken and Mexican cheese. Please in 400 degree oven until cheese is melted. Once done stack onto a plate and eat with salsa/sour cream/guacamole.

Chicken Fajita Chips in Easylunchboxes

I have to admit, these chips were pretty darn good. So good, I packed them for lunch the next day in a Easylunchbox.



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