Chicken Fajita Nachos & A Go-GURT for lunch ~ Bento #168

by The ROXX Box on September 3, 2014

in EasyLunchboxes, Go-GURT lunch ideas

Recently I told you about my daughter insisting on me making chicken fajita nachos for dinner.   They were so good and super easy to make.  I had extra fajita meat left over, so I decided to make more of these chips for her lunch the next day.  The chips stay hard and crunchy, and are great eaten hot, warm, or at room temperature.

Chicken Fajita Chips in Easylunchboxes

In her Easylunchbox I packed some cilantro rice, chicken fajita chips, fresh salsa, carrot sticks, plums/strawberries/blueberries, and a Go-GURT.  When she came home, she told me she wanted to have this lunch everyday.  I laughed and told her maybe once a week ;).



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