Dinner ideas

Thai Grilled Pork with Crab Fried Rice & Sweet n Sour Brussels Sprouts

August 10, 2017

My kids went back to school today ūüėĀ They are now in the 9th and 7th grade. Over the past year, I’ve really focused on going from dinner plate to lunch box verses making something new for lunch daily. My kids now pack there own lunches, so most of lunch ideas I’ll be posting will […]

Mexican Chicken Soup ~ Bento #162

August 26, 2014
Mexican Chicken Soup in PlanetBox Rover

Now that school is in full swing, I have come up with a list of school lunch ideas. One idea is to pack my girls a variety of hearty soups at least a week. ¬†They love soup, so I know they will be happy having this as a weekly option. Today for lunch I made […]

Mexican Queso Burger

April 6, 2014
Mexican Queso Burger

Who doesn’t love a great burger?? I was recently inspired to make this burger for a contest, and loved the way it turned out. It’s basically a taco burger, topped with cheese ‘n salsa sauce, corn & tomato salsa, and fried tortilla chips. Totally not part of my healthy eating lifestyle, but I figured we […]

Paleo Fish Cakes & Spicy Kale

April 6, 2014
Paleo Fish Cake & Spicy Kale

A few weeks ago, I purchased a package of hake fillets from Costco. Normally when I make fish fillets, I either broil or saute my fillets. ¬†But this time, I decided to do something different. ¬†I decided to make fish cakes. These hake fillets are so fragile, and easily break apart when handled. ¬†As a […]

Asian Chicken & Pork Sliders

March 27, 2014
Asian Chicken & Pork Slider 2

I love coming up with new recipes to share with you guys. Since living in Japan, I’ve developed a fond appreciation for asian food, and try to make it on a regular basis. Recently I made these chicken and pork sliders, and they were so delicious. ¬†I am so happy I get the opportunity to […]

St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Round-up ~Bento #149

March 18, 2014
Shamrock Oatmeal

I have to admit, I had fun yesterday creating green meals. ¬†One was WAY outside of my comfort zone, but turned out to be really good. For breakfast I made some green oatmeal. Yeah, I got a bit adventurous with my oatmeal and added some spinach. I know your thinking, she’s nuts. There is NO […]

Carrots & Mushrooms Paleo Pot Roast ~ Bento #148

March 17, 2014
Carrots & Mushrooms Paleo Pot Roast

A few days ago, I was shopping for meat at my local grocery store, and found a nice piece of chuck roast on sale. ¬†I decided to buy it, and make a paleo pot roast out of it. I found this recipe, and adapted it to my liking. I normally serve my pot roast over […]

Mashed Plantains & Ground Pork ~A Paleo Meal

March 5, 2014
Mashed Plantain & Ground Pork

I’ve tried being a vegan‚ĶEpic fail‚ĶI missed eating meat. ¬†I’ve tried cutting out carbs‚ĶEpic fail‚Ķ.I missed eating bread‚Ķ ¬†I’ve tried eating a strictly clean diet‚ĶEpic fail‚ĶIt was a bit too strict for me, and started to stress me out. ¬†So now here is what I do‚ĶSometimes I eat vegan, sometimes I eat no carbs, and […]