Zipzicle ~ A Review + Basil Lime Strawberry Popsicle Recipe + Giveaway

October 25, 2013

How many of you eat store-bought popsicles that come in those long plastic tubes?  You know the ones that come in a variety of flavors, and cause you to eat 5 in one sitting.  Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients?  My kids love those popsicles, and I normally bought without hesitation.  Then I […]

Krema All Natural Peanut Butter ~ A Review & Crunchy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

October 15, 2013
Krema Peanut Butter

My kids love peanut butter, and we eat a lot of it in our house.  When I buy peanut butter, I like to purchase brands that are all natural, and not processed.  One particular brand of peanut butter I like is Krema Natural Peanut Butter.  It comes in 2 textures: smooth & creamy and crunchy. […]

Peter Rabbit Organics ~ A Review & Giveaway ~ Bento #129

October 11, 2013
Peter Rabbit Organics

Most school days, I love to pack my kids some type of fruit snack for lunch.  Typically it’s fresh organic fruit (strawberries, bananas, grapes, apples), purchased that week in the grocery store.   I also like to pack them disposable fruit/veggie pouches to eat as a snack.  When purchasing disposable fruit/vegetable pouches, I choose blends […]

On The Go GIVEAWAY ~ Perfect if you have small children

September 25, 2013

I know a lot of my fans have young children, so I wanted to introduce you to this awesome giveaway.  I recently tried and did a review on Yummi Pouch, so I am excited that they are a part of this giveaway.  Listed below is what you will receive if you win this awesome giveaway. Enter […]

WOWBUTTER: A Peanut Butter Replacement Review & Giveaway

September 22, 2013

How many of you have a child or know someone suffering from peanut allergies?  It seems like more and more kids are now being diagnosed with peanut allergies.  Many schools are starting to be proactive in either prohibiting peanuts from entering into their schools or having designated peanut free tables/classrooms.  Although I think this is […]

It’s my 1yr BLOGIVERSARY ~ Planetbox Rover + Cookbook GIVEAWAY Sept 16 – Oct 6

September 17, 2013

To make entering a bit easier, I am also including the Rafflecopter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway But in order for you to be eligible, you must be a US resident, and MUST do the following: 1. Be a fan of The ROXX Box Facebook Fan page 2. Post a picture of a lunch you’ve created […]

It’s all about barefruit 100% Natural Cinnamon Apple Chips ~ Review & Giveaway ~ Bento #118

September 10, 2013
Barefruit Organic Cinnamon Apple

Since starting my blog almost a year ago, I have been fortunate to discover some amazing products and work with some great companies.  As a food blogger, I am always on the hunt for great food items to put into my lunch boxes.  Recently I was introduced to the company barefruit.  Bare fruit snacks are all-natural, apple […]

MOMables ~ A Review & Giveway

September 7, 2013

How many of you are at least 2 weeks into the back to school season, and already over packing lunch?  Over trying to come up with ideas on what to pack.  Over packing the same lunches everyday.  And OVER getting up early, making lunch, packing it, only to have your kids HARDLY eat any of […]