Coconut Cashew Butter Granola

April 30, 2014

I recently did a review for Stirred Crazy Creations Coconut Cashew Butter, and made a delicious granola recipe using this butter.  I love eating granola in the morning for breakfast, so I am always trying to create new granola recipes. This granola recipe is super easy to make, and crazy addictive. I had to control […]

Paleo Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter Parfait

March 19, 2014
Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter Parfait

I recently did a review of Cracked Nut Butter products, and was able to make some really yummy recipes using their nut butters.  One of my favorite recipes created using their nut butter was my Paleo Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter Parfait. So many layers of awesomeness contained in 1 glass. The parfait is made up […]

Paleo Nutty Coconut Granola

March 19, 2014
Paleo Nutty Coconut Granola

Who knew granola could be yummy without old fashioned oats??!!  Since grains are not allowed in a paleo diet, I had to make a new type of granola. I found this recipe on PaleOMG, and decided to make it into my own version. I decided to make a nutty granola with nuts and coconut are […]

The ROXX Box Nutty Coconut Cranberry Granola ~YumEarth Organics A Review Bento #134

December 3, 2013
Nutty Granola

I love making homemade granola. I love that I can control what goes into it. A lot of the store-bought granola contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients such as unhealthy fats and oils, fillers, and artificial ingredients. Creating homemade granola is super easy, and allows you to be creative by adding an array of ingredients. […]

Grizzlies Brand ~ A Review Bento #132

November 24, 2013
Aunt Maple

I love granola.  I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as include it as a snack in my lunch boxes.  I love making homemade granola, but am always looking for great store bought varieties.  When I eat granola, I want it to be full of flavor, not overly sweet, and loaded with […]

Pumpkin & Candied Pecans Granola ~ Eden Pumpkin Seeds A Review

October 24, 2013
Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Do you like roasted pumpkin seeds? Do you ever make your own? This time of year, I normally make my own roasted pumpkin seeds since pumpkins are so abundant. However, if I am not in the mood to make my own roasted pumpkin seeds, I get store bought. One brand that I love is Eden […]

WOATS Oatsnack ~ A Review ~ Bento #128

October 10, 2013

I love granola.  I eat it all the time.  My favorite way to eat granola is with plain or vanilla yogurt.  To me, that’s the PERFECT breakfast.  I like to make my own granola, but am always on the hunt for a great store-bought granola.  Recently, I was in Fresh Market grocery store, and discovered […]

Apple Almond Granola

April 12, 2013
Apple Almond Granola

Lately I’ve been on a granola kick.  It is so easy to make and WAY CHEAPER than the store bought stuff.  Plus you actually get to control what goes into your granola. I recently made some applesauce…(yeah I make my own), and wanted to use it in a granola recipe. Toss this bad boy in […]