St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Round-up ~Bento #149

March 18, 2014
Shamrock Oatmeal

I have to admit, I had fun yesterday creating green meals.  One was WAY outside of my comfort zone, but turned out to be really good. For breakfast I made some green oatmeal. Yeah, I got a bit adventurous with my oatmeal and added some spinach. I know your thinking, she’s nuts. There is NO […]

Pereg Natural Gourmet Food ~ A Review

October 27, 2013
Pereg Quinoa with Vegetables

About 2 months ago, I discovered Pereg Natural Gourmet Food quinoa in the gourmet food section of my local TJMaxx.  The picture on their quinoa with vegetable box looked so appealing, I decided to read the ingredients.  The ingredients consisted of quinoa, bell peppers, potatoes, raisins, spices, herbs, salt, carrots, roasted onions, and tomatoes.  It […]

Lasagna Soup #SundaySupper

October 6, 2013
Italian Sausage Lasagna Soup

I love this soup. It is so good and easy to make. Whenever I think about a warm and hearty soup, I think about this lasagna soup. I was first introduced to lasagna soup from CenterCutCook, and since then, it has been a family favorite. This week for #SundaySupper, we are featuring one pot recipes. […]

The Good Bean ~ A Healthy Snack Review ~ Bento #117

September 4, 2013
The GOOD Bean

This school year, I am on a quest to pack my lunch boxes with healthier snacks.  I first discovered The Good Bean at my local TJMaxx.  After reading the package, I was intrigued to learn more about this product and contacted the company.  The company was kind enough to send me 4 samples of their […]

Lemony Avocado Cream Pasta ~ Bento #114

August 27, 2013
Lemony Avocado Cream Pasta

I love pasta. I make it all the time. I love avocado. I eat it all the time. So naturally I decided to merge the 2. I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this dish. I found the recipe here and tweaked it to my liking. Perfect as a main or side […]

The ROXX Box Veggie Mac & Cheese

July 8, 2013
Veggie Mac & Cheese 2

I was in the mood for mac & cheese, but wanted to put something in it. In the past I’ve adapted my typical mac & cheese recipe, and made a lobster & shrimp mac.  So today, I decided to make something new, and create a veggie mac & cheese. This recipe is super easy to […]

Mushroom & Spinach Calamari Pasta

June 19, 2013
Mushroom & Spinach Pasta

Do you shop at stores like Marshall’s & TJ Maxx?  If so, do you ever venture into their food section?  Whenever I visit these stores, I make a point of checking out what’s in their food section.  Most times, I find a new sauce/seasoning that I am interested in trying.  And since a lot of […]

Chicken Trottole Pasta in Cream Sauce ~ Bento #104

June 15, 2013
Trottole Pasta

I love pasta. It’s one of my weaknesses. I could seriously eat a pasta dish EVERY…SINGLE…DAY!! You can do some much with pasta, and I love all of the different shapes/varieties. Last week I was at my local Kroger’s grocery store, and saw this pasta on sale: I’ve eaten trottole pasta before and loved it, […]