Lasagna Soup #SundaySupper

October 6, 2013
Italian Sausage Lasagna Soup

I love this soup. It is so good and easy to make. Whenever I think about a warm and hearty soup, I think about this lasagna soup. I was first introduced to lasagna soup from CenterCutCook, and since then, it has been a family favorite. This week for #SundaySupper, we are featuring one pot recipes. […]

Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn Chowder ~ #SundaySupper Bento #124

September 29, 2013
Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn Chowder

In August, my family and I took a 7 day Disney cruise.  While on the cruise, we ate a lot of unforgettable meals.  It was nice seeing my kids try new things, and actually enjoy it.   One night while dining in one of the restaurants on the cruise, our waiter asked if we were […]

Creole Shrimp & Cheddar Basil Grits Cakes #SundaySupper

September 22, 2013
Creole Shrimp & Cheddar Basil Grits Cakes

Back in July 2013, I spent a week in Washington, DC for my sororities national convention. While there, I visited a restaurant called Busboys & Poets. The menu had a vast variety of items to choose from, but my eyes caught hold of their shrimp & grits, and I couldn’t bring myself to order anything […]

Confetti Cabbage Slaw & Grilled Salmon Wraps #SundaySupper

February 17, 2013

How many of you are in a rut regarding your diet and making healthier eating choices?  I know for many of us, it is so easy to grab fast food or a frozen dinner as our everyday meal option.  Do you pay attention to calories, carbs, fat content in the meals that you are consuming? […]

Anchovy Stuffed Artichokes with Marinara Sauce #SundaySupper

January 6, 2013
Anchovy Stuff Artichokes with Marinara Sauce

I have to admit, fresh artichokes intimidate me.  When I see them in the grocery store, I have NO IDEA how to even begin preparing them.  As a result, they are one vegetable that I have a tendency to avoid.  Well it’s a new year, and Isabel at (www.familyfoodie.com) is encouraging her readers to tackle […]

Turkey Chili with Cilantro Sour Cream Bento #38

December 3, 2012

Are you trying to figure out what to do with all that left over turkey?  If so, you should try this turkey chili.  So easy to make, and yummy!!  I hope you like it Turkey Chili Ingredients 1 14.5ounce can white beans 1/2 tablespoon canola oil 1 teaspoon chopped fresh/frozen jalapeno 3/4 cup diced onions […]

Emeril’s Jambalaya Pasta with Penne, Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille Sausage #SundaySupper

December 2, 2012

About 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon a hashtag on Twitter that said #SundaySupper.  Intrigued, I clicked on several links, that eventually lead me here: http://familyfoodie.com/sundaysupper/ So many families have gotten away from eating together.   The concept of Sunday supper and families breaking bread together, is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  After becoming […]