It’s time to DITCH the juice boxes

by The ROXX Box on July 1, 2013

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I recently came across this article about mold in juice boxes.  As a Mom who buys her kids 100% juice boxes to put in their lunch bags, seeing this picture grossed me out. They don’t drink them a lot, but when they are in the mood for juice, I grab a juice box.


As stated in the article, this type of mold will more than likely not cause “any” harm, but just the thought of my kids consuming mold from drinking a juice box, is enough to cause me to change.

So my kids will now be  drinking out of a bottle container called Klean Kanteen.  They are lightweight, stainless steel, reusable, recyclable, toxin-free, and BPA-free.  They fit PERFECTLY in my kids lunch bags, and the best part is I get to CONTROL and SEE what is inside of it.  It is also cost effective, since those juice boxes can be pretty pricey.

Klean Kanteen

I am so glad I saw this article. Would have never thought about mold being in juice boxes if I hadn’t seen this article.



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