Breakfast on the go ~ Bento #144

by The ROXX Box on February 26, 2014

in Breakfast, Clean Eating, Planetbox

Yesterday, I posted pictures of my oatmeal creations. Hopefully I inspired some of you to start eating oatmeal. It is definitely a great meal to start off your day.

Today, I decided to showcase my oatmeal for when I am on the go. Here it is featured in my Planetbox rover lunch box.

Oatmeal in Planetbox

Inside my box you will find old-fashioned oatmeal cooked it water with chia seeds sprinkled on top.  You will also find unsweetened coconut chips, cacao nibs, Barney Butter cocoa-coconut almond butter, pure maple syrup, slivered almonds, and fresh blueberries/strawberries.  All you have to do is sweeten the oatmeal with the maple syrup, then add whatever you want before digging in.



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