The OmieBox ~Packing Lunch Just Got Better

by The ROXX Box on July 12, 2014

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I am often asked this question whenever I pack one of my typical lunch boxes, “But how do you keep it hot?”  And my typical response is, “I don’t mind eating it at room temperature.”  Well the reality is, a lot of people do mind eating their hot lunches at room temperature, and want their lunch to remain relatively hot by lunch time.  They also do not like the idea of having to carry around various containers in order to separate their hot and cold foods.

Well, there is a new lunch box about to hit the market, that will take care of your hot lunch & cold lunch needs.  It’s called the OmieBox.  Tired of her preschool son coming home with a ton of uneaten food, Nancy Yen set out to create a lunchbox that could store hot and cold food.  As a result, she created the OmieBox.




The OmieBox container is made from vacuum insulated technology, which provides maximum temperature retention.  As a result, the container can keep food hot or cold until lunchtime.  You can also remove the insulated container, and the section fits a sandwich.


The OmieBox requires no setup, and is easy for a child to open.  Here is more information on how the OmieBox compares to other lunch boxes currently on the market.

The OmieBox will not be available for purchase until October 2014, but you can gain access to one of their boxes now, by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.  From July 7 – August 21, you can make a pledge to help fund this awesome lunch box, so definitely check it out.

I am so excited about this box, and cannot wait to try it out.



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