Salmon & Potato Cake Salad ~ Bento #156

by The ROXX Box on July 13, 2014

in EasyLunchboxes, Seafood, Teen/Adult Bento Lunches

Are you are salmon fan?  For me it is hit or miss.  Sometimes I LOVE it, and other times not so much.  It really depends on how it is prepared.  I tend to love it marinated in some type of asian sauce, then grilled or broiled.  If it is too oily, I tend to not like it as much.  The oily taste is just too overpowering for my palate.  Maybe that is the reason I love it marinated in asian sauces.  It helps to mask the taste.

salmon & potato cake salad

I was recently at Costco, and had a chance to sample some Bear & Wolf Pink Alaskan Salmon.   The salmon came in a can, and was skinless and boneless.  After trying 1 or 2 samples of the salmon, I decided to purchase a few cans.   I could have prepared the salmon similar to tuna fish (with mayo and relish), but thought salmon cakes would be a better option.

I recently saw these salmon cakes by Vikalinka, and decided to give them a try.  They were so easy to make and very delicious.  I loved them so much,  I turned it into a salad, and added it to my Easylunchbox.

If you have a great salmon recipe, please share it with me.  I would love to try.



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