Shrimp Pizza & A Go-GURT ~ Bento #169

by The ROXX Box on September 3, 2014

in EasyLunchboxes, Go-GURT lunch ideas

I’ll be the first to admit, my kids are pretty adventurous eaters.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that during their formative years, we lived in Japan, and they really had to adapt to the local cuisine. Or maybe it’s because their Mom is easily bored, and loves creating new dishes.  Whatever the case, I love the fact that my kids will try something new (at least once).

Spicy Asian Shrimp Pizza in Easylunchbox

So when I told them that I was packing shrimp pizzas for lunch, all I heard was, “okay is it good??”  Yes girls, it’s good :)

In their Easylunchboxes I packed sliced carrots, plums/strawberries/blueberries, shrimp naan pizza, and a Go-GURT.  When they came home, their lunch boxes were completely empty…SCORE!!!



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