I’m Back…And A LOT has changed!!

by The ROXX Box on February 11, 2016

in General

Hey Fans…I’m Back!!

I seriously can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted anything on my blog.  Life just got really hectic, and I needed a break.

I said adios to Ohio and hola to Mexico.  Me and my family relocated here in Aug 2015, and so far we really love.  I’ve been traveling a lot within Mexico, and learning a lot about the culture and local cuisine.

I got heavily into fitness since I last posted, and this summer I plan on taking a test to become a certified personal trainer.  My goal is to combine my pediatric RN knowledge with my personal trainer knowledge to work with kids.

My kids are older now, so they are packing their own lunches.  But I’ve committed to eating a salad a day for the entire year, so I will definitely be sharing my salads and meal ideas with you guys.

Well just wanted to say a quick hello, to let you know I’m back to blogging  :)


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