Sweet Potato, Carrots, and Lentils Soup

March 28, 2013
Sweet Potato Lentil Soup

I’m dieting…Well not really.  I’m eating better.  Yeah…I like that better.  Doesn’t sound as restrictive…I hate stuff that seems too restrictive.  So yeah, I’m eating better.  Eating earlier.  Snacking less.  Making better food choices.  Dusting off all of those exercise DVDs that are in my possession.  Going to my gym more.  I’m embracing a healthier […]

Salmon Beets and Spinach Salad with Honey-Dijon Vinaigrette

March 13, 2013
Salmon Salad

Even though I could stand to lose a few pounds, I am not a fan of dieting.  It seems as though whenever I call myself being on a “diet”, I self destruct within a few days.  I just LOVE food.  And there is absolutely no sense in depriving myself of all the wonderful food out […]

Mixed Greens Salad with Candied Pecan Goat Cheese Balls & Onion-Poppyseed Dressing

March 6, 2013
Spinach Salad with Candied Pecan Goat Cheese Balls

OK…I know I keep saying this about every food blog I talk about, but this is SERIOUSLY 1 of my FAVORITES.  I just love how Jennifer blogs about her recipes, and takes you through a series of delicious photos.  It’s bloggers like her that makes me want to step up my game.   So the other […]

Tanzee’s Shrimp Po’Boy with Remoulade Sauce

March 6, 2013
Tanzee Shrimp Po

I have a friend name Tanzee.  We met almost 4 years ago, and have been friends ever since.  Tanzee is a foodie like me.  We often call each other to share ideas and recipes.  I just love her. The other day she called me and said, “Rox, I have some gulf shrimp, what should I […]

Confetti Cabbage Slaw & Grilled Salmon Wraps #SundaySupper

February 17, 2013

How many of you are in a rut regarding your diet and making healthier eating choices?  I know for many of us, it is so easy to grab fast food or a frozen dinner as our everyday meal option.  Do you pay attention to calories, carbs, fat content in the meals that you are consuming? […]

Love is in the AIR Bento #68

February 14, 2013
Heart Pepperoni Roll Plantbox Bento

Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day where we let folks know how much we love them.  A simple way to let your kids know that you love them, is to shower their lunchboxes with all sorts of LOVE. Lunch served up in a Planetbox The heart shaped pizza rolls were so easy to make.  All […]