Vegetarian Bento Lunches

Sweet Potato Leek Zucchini Fritters ~ Bento #174

November 6, 2014
Sweet Potato Leek Zucchini Fritters

When looking for lunch box ideas, consider making fritters.  They are normally easy to make, and typically freeze well.  I normally make a batch of some type of fritters once a week to pack for lunch.   After skimming through The 52 Food Challenge Cookbook, I got inspired to make a vegetarian fritter using sweet […]

Roasted Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Cranberry Kale Couscous Salad

November 6, 2014
Butternut Squash Kale Cranberry Couscous Salad 2

I recently told you guys about the new cookbook I received a few weeks ago called The 52 New Foods Challenge.  After flipping through the pages, and reading the concept, I was totally inspired to create some new recipes with my children.  I saw words such as roasted maple butternut, sweet potatoes, kale, cranberries, and […]

bobbysue’s nuts! ~ A Review

March 26, 2014

Have you heard of bobbysue’s nuts!?  If not, let me tell you all about them.  I stumbled upon these nuts on day while strolling through the deli section of my local Kroger’s Marketplace.  As someone who loves to snack on nuts, I was excited about my latest find.  The nuts are a combination of all-natural […]

Mexican Tofu Fajita Rice Bowl ~ Bento #143

February 4, 2014
Mexican Tofu Fajita Rice Bowl

This month, a friend challenged me to a join group in a 45 day vegan challenge.  While I was flattered to be asked, I had to respectfully decline.  While I pride myself on following a healthy diet/lifestyle, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy eating meat, seafood, and vegetables.  And I am […]

Party’tizers Dippin’ Chips ~ A Review Bento #131

November 24, 2013

The first time I had Dippin’ Chips, I immediately thought about the other scoop-type tortilla chips on the market.  Those scoop-type tortilla chips have totally changed the way I eat my dips.  I love how my dip stays contained within the chip, making it less messy to eat.  I also love the fact both dip […]

Asian Soba Noodles in WOWBUTTER Sauce

October 4, 2013
Asian Noodles in WOWButter Sauce

Recently I did a review on a product called WOWBUTTER (a peanut butter substitute).  During my review, I decided to create several dishes using WOWBUTTER as a key ingredient.  One of those dishes was an Asian Soba Noodles in WOWBUTTER Sauce dish. Love this!!! And this!!! Here is how you make this dish: In a […]

Breaking News….Did you hear about The Daily Crave??? A Review & Bento #126

October 4, 2013
The Daily Crave Veggie Chips

Have you heard about The Daily Crave?  If not, you are truly missing out on some really yummy snacks. The Daily Crave believes everyone loves to snack, and that snacking can help to keep you satisfied between meals.  They also believe if you are going to snack, you might as well snack on items made […]

World PEAS ~ A DIFFERENT Way To Eat Peas ~ A Review & Bento #123

September 26, 2013
World Peas Variety

One of my goals for creating this blog, is to introduce my readers to products they may never have heard of. As someone who likes trying new things, I love discovering new products that make me say “WOW!!” I recently discovered one such product called World Peas. World Peas are natural GMO-free green peas, flavored […]