Grilled Curry Chicken with Sweet Thai Chili Mayo Sandwich ~Bento #175

November 7, 2014
Grilled Curry Chicken with Thai Chili Mayo in Lunchbots Cinco2

I am so over boring food.  I just can’t do it anymore.  I want to eat food that excites me.  That makes me shed a tear once I’ve taken my last bite.  That makes me regret the fact I didn’t make more.  That leaves me yearning for another memorable food experience. Yesterday. I pulled some […]

Chicken Salad on Pretzel Bread ~ Bento #154

June 25, 2014
Chicken Salad on Pretzel Bread

My kids have been on summer vacation for exactly 3 weeks, and we have been going non-stop.  Between driving them to various camps, gymnastics practice, math classes, and other fun activities, I’m starting to feel as though I am spending more time in my car than at home.   But they are having fun, we […]

Greek Lamb Roll Gyro ~ Bento #153

June 25, 2014

I’m back.  Done with my much needed hiatus.  Life just seemed to be coming at me non-stop, and I just needed to take a step back and chill for awhile.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways to revamp my blog.  Ways to make it better/more relevant.  I love blogging about bento boxes, […]

New Orleans Lobster Po’ boys ~ Bento #125

September 30, 2013
Lobster Po

I love everything about New Orleans.  From the food, to the music, to the people, New Orleans is just a fun place to visit.  The last time I was in New Orleans, was in 2010 for a convention.  While there, I don’t think I stopped eating.   I was so stuffed, yet I couldn’t stop […]

The ROXX Box Roasted Veggie Wrap

July 10, 2013
Avocado Cream

So remember when I made this, and told you guys that I would be creating several dishes out of my roasted veggies? Well here is dish #2.  I made an amazing wrap sandwich using them. I got inspired by my blogging friend Keeley’s avocado spread, so I decided to make something similar to add onto […]

Lox & Spinach Scramble ~ It’s a BREAKFAST kinda meal

May 27, 2013
Lox & Spinach Scramble

I was in the mood for a grown-up kinda breakfast.  The kind that takes some time to prepare, but oh so worth the extra effort.  The kind that makes you want to cry when you take your last bite.  Yep, that’s the kind of breakfast I was in the mood for. Lox & Spinach Scramble […]

Tanzee’s Shrimp Po’Boy with Remoulade Sauce

March 6, 2013
Tanzee Shrimp Po

I have a friend name Tanzee.  We met almost 4 years ago, and have been friends ever since.  Tanzee is a foodie like me.  We often call each other to share ideas and recipes.  I just love her. The other day she called me and said, “Rox, I have some gulf shrimp, what should I […]

Vietnamese Pork Belly Banh Mi Sandwich Bento #61

January 28, 2013

Whenever I visit a vietnamese restaurant, I ALWAYS order a big bowl of pho and a grilled pork vietnamese sandwich.  I love all the flavors in those 2 dishes, and have always wondered how difficult they were to make at home. Recently I was browsing food blogs, and discovered this post: After reading through the […]